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"I hired Rachel to edit my professional and social wardrobe. She did an amazing job. From the pre-appointment assignment, throughout the session and the post appointment deliverables; Rachel was knowledgeable, creative, and straightforward in her feedback and focused on the task at hand. She also has a great sense of humor. I highly recommend her (and do frequently) to my business and personal friends."
– Faye V.

"Rachel is amazing! My biggest issue was getting ready for work in the mornings in a timely manner while still trying to pull off a great look, and after spending a few hours with Rachel, who reminded me that my best color is not black, though I have a full closet of it, I began seeing what colors were best for me and what pieces I needed to add. She totally works with what you have, and then makes a list of pieces you should add, which can be slowly, depending on your budget. She is not judgmental but honest, which we all need. She is very upbeat and you can tell she loves what she does and knows what she's doing. But the best part, besides feeling really fashionable and having my husband comment daily on how great I look, and that the little extras really make a difference, is that I spend so little time shopping. Once you know your best colors and styles, it is so easy to browse through racks and you can be in and out of a store in no time. I only buy pieces that I love, and I now check tags for fabrics that will last longer, and stay away from those that won't. I can now mix and match most pieces in my closet which is amazing. Rachel is worth every penny, and every minute of your time. You will definitely feel more confident, look really put together, and get noticed!" - Debbie C.

"...There aren’t enough words to express my appreciation for the sparkle, polish, and style you brought back into my life through the pieces you chose for me. I can’t wait to wear everything. What a Renaissance in my sense of empowerment and my long lost enthusiasm for a return to a polished, sophisticated look. It was a pleasure being around your energy, your kindness, and your
warmth..." - R.S.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is so great. I am looking forward to the trip and will feel way more confident knowing I have the "RAO" (the Rachel Approved Outfits) especially when I am negotiating." – Deborah R.

     "Rachel's incredible sense of style comes through the second you meet her. In working with her in my first appointment by having her go through my wardrobe, she patiently spent time helping me understand what fits and what did not and why. As a person who hates shopping and trying on clothes, I dreaded the experience of having someone audit my bad decisions. However, proper clothing is essential for professional development and Rachel made it easy and enjoyable. This first appointment laid the groundwork for the second one and got me thinking about how I currently dress myself before I spent money on building a wardrobe.
       The total benefit to my time with Rachel came through on my second appointment when she went shopping ahead of time and set up dressing rooms for me so that I could finally build a wardrobe. Her ability to understand my style and my needs just from the first appointment and then translate that understanding into choosing clothes is exceptional. Not only did she help me choose clothes, she gave me confidence in my own fashion abilities and made me feel good about myself. This was one of the best investments in professional development I have done. Somehow she found clothes on sale too so my dollar went even further than you could imagine.
       Rachel belongs in Paris, LA or New York styling the fashion mavens of the world, so if you are in Colorado now – enlist her services while she is still here. Beware though: shopping is no longer a dirty word for me, you may find yourself looking at fashion after working with Rachel." – Tara

"After Rachel's consultation, I now save time getting dressed and leave the house feeling confident and stylish. My wardrobe stress has gone from 10 to 0!" – Hailey B.

"When I went back to work from being a stay at home mom, Rachel helped me with my business clothes. There was a lot of work to be done!! She helped me figure out great outfits from clothes that I already had and also helped me shop for new things. It worked so well, that my 1st day at work, the human resources manager told me how much she liked my style and my outfit! What a reward! And the thing is, I was really feeling comfortable in my new clothes, it was just like wearing my jeans! I am so glad Rachel helped me... but now I just would like her with me every time I go shopping, she is so resourceful." – Carine B.

"Rachel is a true professional- you will enjoy working with her to refine your wardrobe!" - Kim

"A few hours of Rachel's assistance, and I became a smarter shopper - I no longer waste time trying on colors that I now know won't look good and pants that have "features" that I now know to avoid for my body type!" – Kristen J.

"I spent several days with Rachel. She was very helpful in assisting me to acquire a more modern and flattering look. Rachel was also very diplomatic in her approach. I so recommend Ms. Lefort to anyone looking for some guidance with their appearance." - Dr. S. Nunn

"Thank you! I really had fun, learned even more about what I need to get out of my closet, and I heard nothing but great things about the workshop from the students. Thanks again." – Helen Z.

"I was so unhappy about the state of my wardrobe, that I thought Rachel would suggest tossing most of it! Much to my surprise, she discovered new ways to wear pieces that I hadn't worn in years." – Kristen H.

"Wearing a belt on top of a blouse this morning- big hit! Thanks for your advice!!!" – Carine B.


Below is a letter that a client sent to some of her friends, which she also shared with me...  

“Here's a quick rundown on how [the session with Rachel] went for me: After going over the fashion questionnaire allowing Rachel to fully understand my needs, concerns and goals, we took a look at the general organization of the closet.  Rachel made some great suggestions on how to minimize the need for ironing, the types of hangers to use, how to launder tricky items such as casual pleated cotton shirts, and color coordination.  

She then asked me to pull out my absolute favorite pieces.  I tried everything on, we took a look at the color and fit of each piece.  We picked a season because of limited time (Spring) and then tried on every pair of pants, looking at fit, color, length and analyzing what looked good and why.  We made piles of pants of keep, toss and repair. We continued with the tops, jackets, dresses, etc.   

Throughout the process Rachel was able to narrow down the colors that worked and didn't work for me.  Rather than tossing the items that didn't work because of the color, she showed me how to use it rather than toss it (like adding a scarf in a color that looks good near my face).  With regard to fit, she was able to pinpoint why certain items looked good or didn't look good (in her pleasantly constructive way!)  So I now know what I can tailor (inexpensively), rather than toss.

When we were done I had a "Zen" looking closet as Rachel put it!  And a handy detailed list that Rachel typed up for me of what items to buy and repair, and suggestions of other organizational tools. What I didn't realize about this closet redo was how it would make me a smarter, faster shopper, which I desperately need to be!  I went shopping on Sunday with a specific shopping list and knew exactly what colors and styles fit my figure, and what to avoid.”  - K. Haller